The Best Remy Hair Extensions

Collected and refined, natural Indian remy human hair is a luxurious high value product that can dramatically change the way you look. A natural human hair extension is exactly what you need if you are interested in creating a new image of yourself. An image that will captivate everyone around you. We developed this store to make modern beauty standards for hair more accessible to our clientele. The stock showcases some of the finest products in the market including:

  • Indian Virgin Hair. Arriving from India, these hair weaves have a distinct refined look and incredibly soft texture.
  • Peruvian Virgin Hair. Hair from one of the ecologically cleanest regions of the world. If you are searching for a truly high quality Remi hair, this is your most perfect choice.
  • Brazilian Virgin Hair. Collected from delicate heads of Brazilian beauties, remy hair extensions from this country are the best in the market when it comes to fluidity and richness.

Our collection of products features exquisite Remy hair extensions made of 100% organic hair with cuticles intact. This ensures that the extension has a good pattern and a rich texture while resisting the natural urge to tangle. The highest quality of every single item in our catalogue is backed up by other distinct benefits including:

  • Flexible democratic pricing that will surprise you;
  • Regular discounts and great promotions;
  • Quick delivery and fast paced shopping process;
  • Flawless customer support.
  • We will gladly guide you through the world of modern remy hair extensions and help you to choose the most perfect Indian human hair. Whether you represent a beauty shop or want to find an excellent hair extension to highlight your elegance, our fine selection of first-rate remy hair extensions will suit your needs. Pick from a myriad of options and order multiple items to receive a hefty discount.

    Enjoy individually tailored offers from our store and start changing your hairstyle now. Call us right now to learn more about how you can save on each purchase. Truly natural 100% hand-picked remy hair is a very expensive luxurious product, but we offer it to everyone for a very attractive low price.

    If you need the best yaki hair in the market, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of dark and white yaki hair. Depending on your stylistic preferences and how you want to look, you may choose just the right type of a yaki clip in hair extensions portion of the catalogue. Some may ask: “What does yaki mean?” This is a classification of hair texture that describes a very specific type of hair. In order to answer the question “What is yaki human hair?”, we need to dwell slightly deeper in the specifics. When we say yaki, we usually mean a silky very dark hair with a distinct texture characteristic for African people. Strong, heavy, thick, yet soft hair – this is what you get when purchasing yaki. There are several subtypes.

    • Silky. Referred to as light/fine. Straighter than a line and flatter than the surface of calm water, this is the best choice for women who prefer low maintenance wigs.
    • Regular. Is yaki hair human hair? Absolutely! Standard wigs with naturally looking straight hair.
    • Kinky. In order to make your head a little bit crazier, this texture type looks like a blow dried straight with a touch of chaos. The most natural option.
    • Kinky curl. If you ever wandered what is yaki weave, you will find your answer after purchasing one of these. Absolutely natural and truly attractive.